X2Rail and AB4Rail ongoing collaboration – meeting Oct 2022

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The 12 meeting between the X2Rail project consortium and the AB4Rail project partners was held on 25-th October 2022. Alessandro Vizzarri (Radiolabs) thanked for the forthcoming signing of the COLA Agreement between AB4Rail and X2Rail.

Then,  Alessandro Vizzarri (Radiolabs) described the main outputs of the Deliverable D2.4, still under review. Romeo Giuliano (Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi) described the emulations performed in the last activities of WP3. They are related to the evaluation of the application protocols (HTTP and FTP) and their secured versions (HTTPS and FTPS), joint with SCTP, TCP and QUIC as transport protocols. Finally, Romeo Giuliano provided the updates of the dissemination activities within the WP4 and reported the next two major forthcoming events related to AB4Rail project: the participation to the TRA conference in November 2022 and the final project conference that will be held in December 2022