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Projects on railways

ProjectsFinancing OrganizationInputs, show as well how this project will go beyond the state of the art
EMULRADIO4RAIL (2018-20). Grant Agreement No 826152).20Shift2Rail Open Call Emulradio4Rail Project aims to provide an innovative platform for tests and validation of various radio access technologies (Wi-Fi, GSM-R, LTE, LTE-A, 5G and satellites) that combines very new approaches for testing so called System in the loop (SITL) and Hardware in the loop (HITL). The IP-based satellite emulator developed by Radiolabs in Emulradio4Rail will be extended in AB4Rail to include terrestrial bearers as well to account for the ACS specific features. The AB4Rail IP software platform will also include the possibility of interface the generated application traffic with different transport and application protocols layers.
SBS phase 2 (2019-2021)  ESA  SBS aims to design, develop and test, both on laboratory and on field, a demonstrator for the certification of an ERTMS L2 with GNSS positioning and public telecoms with a Multi-bearer (GSM-R, 3G/4G, Satcom, WiFi) solution coherent with the ACS. The results of SBS Phase2 can be integrated with the analysis results of Alternative Bearer in specific scenarios already tested both in Lab and in field (Novara-to-Rho pilot line), together with transport protocol/Application protocols. AB4Rail benefits of SBS phase 2 results providing important indications on the concepts and practical implementation of the multi-bearer approach to be extended to ABs in place of traditional bearers as in SBS phase 2.
EMERGE project (2019 – 2021)  Ministry of Economic Development MISE national EMERGE project coordinated by Radiolabs aims to the development, prototyping and test of innovative solutions to allow connected vehicles to operate in daily or emergency scenarios, acting on: ·Geo-localization with satellite multi-constellation (GPS+Galileo), augmentation algorithms and data-fusion with on board sensors; ·Communication inter and intra vehicles by integrating cellular, satellite public networks and 5G; ·Cybersecurity for enhancing security on intra and inter vehicular communications and ensuring integrity on data for vehicle positioning; ·Cloud/Edge computing by developing and implementing algorithms to identify and avoid potential hazards. EMERGE provides a first implementation of the multi-bearer platform in the automotive case. The concepts and results developed in EMERGE will support AB4Rail activities concerning the possible integration of ABs and traditional bearers in the rail ecosystem. In turn, AB4Rail results could influence EMERGE by providing information on alternative communication technologies that can enlarge the pool of communication bearers (Traditional/ Alternative Bearers) to be used even in the automotive scenarios.
SAT4TRAIN (2017-2020)ESA  Sat4Train is a project focused on the design, development and prototyping of dedicated Multi Link satellite-based Communication Platform (MLCP), as a candidate solution for providing an alternative solution to the standard GSM-R technology adopted by the ERTMS system that is approaching its obsolescence. Sat4Train will exploit innovative features such as the use of multiple public networks (SatCom and cellular) and intelligent routing with cognitive algorithms to allow an ERTMS Quality of Service, suitable for the specific railway application domain without deploying a dedicated telecommunication infrastructure. The concepts developed in SAT4Train project are helpful to support AB4Rail activities concerning the possible integration of ABs and traditional bearers in the rail ecosystem and in particular in ACS with emphasis on the security aspects and achievable QoS/QoE performance.
3InSat (Train Integrated Safety Satellite System)ESA has been the first European project to developing and validating a new satellite-based platform to be integrated with public terrestrial network to support ERTMS signaling over regional/local lines. Results obtained in 3InSat project have been validated by a measurement campaign on a specific test site in Sardinia (Italy) over a railway line of about 300 km. 3InSat provides important results and channel models that can be used in the IP emulator to be developed in the AB4Rail to achieve objectives in workstream 2 activities.

Projects on Distance Knowledge Dissemination

KUTEL – Kazakh Universities to foster quality assurance processes in Technology Enhanced Learning (Erasmus plus project). Its main aim is to provide e-learning training for key actors of HE educational and public authorities responsible for accreditation/evaluation of TEL programs.

MINERVA – Strengthening Research Management and Open Science capacities of HEIs in

Moldova and Armenia (Erasmus plus funded project). Its main objectives are: creating digital archives in all involved HEIs and promote their infrastructural development and interoperability; enhancing competences and skills in research in order to guarantee a sustainable implementation of Open Science principles.

PROFIc – Professional Development in Intercultural Competence in Higher Education Institutions (Erasmus plus funded project). Its aims are: developing an integrated and blended programme of professional development for HEIs staff in Latin America in order to enhance their intercultural competences and allow them to transfer their competences to students; creating Open educational Resources as a support to HEIs; developing an exchange network for sharing good practices among Latina America and EWU HEIs in relation to curriculum development and intercultural competences.