Objectives and activities of dissemination

The presence of USGM as partner with a strong expertise in e-learning and virtual conference gives to the AB4Rail consortium the possibility to spread the dissemination of the project results through the web in an inclusive way. The goal of the dissemination activities is to share know-how and jointly support penetration of the solution through a joint work with target groups of stakeholders.

The main activities are:

  • Defining the project brand and identity (formats/templates for documents and presentations) across the European Communities;
  • Developing/updating the project website;
  • Defining all project materials (e.g., flyers) during the events;
  • Participating to conferences and workshops in order to present AB4Rail objectives in order to raise awareness among the scientific and industrial stakeholders;
  • Setting up two dedicated events for project dissemination in favor of railway stakeholders. These events are the perfect opportunity to present the project results and obtain feedback from a large audience and to optimize project impacts.