“X2Rail and AB4Rail ongoing collaboration – meeting March 2022

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The eighth meeting between the X2Rail project consortium and the AB4Rail project partners was held on 7-th March 2022.
Prof. Franco Mazzenga (Radiolabs, University of Rome Tor Vergata) presented the emulator settings and the real scenarios considered for D3.4 “Identification of transport protocol for railway applications”. Prof. Romeo Giuliano (Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi, USGM) described the results aiming at investigating the transport protocols for communication between the train and remote control center. Traffic sources considered in the deliverable are constant bit rate (e.g., video streaming), variable bit rate (e.g., VoIP or video  call) and file transfer (e.g., download/upload of a file with size 10 Mbyte). Next meeting is planned on 4th April 2022.” Download COLA Meeting AB4Rail.