X2Rail and AB4Rail ongoing collaboration – meeting February 2022

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The seventh meeting between the X2Rail project consortium and the AB4Rail project partners was held on 7-th February 2022. Dr. Alessandro Vizzarri (Radiolabs) presented the latest results and findings on the AB4Rail Deliverable D3.2 “Assessment and Classification for ABs and AB/TB comparison”.

The core aim of the document is to assess the Alternative Bearers within certain railway environments, in terms of technical features and economic analysis. Dr. Vizzarri highlighted both the Economic Analysis and the comparison between Alternative Bearers and Traditional Bearers. According to the studies in the deliverable, technologies of Free Space Optics (FSO), Low-orbit Earth Satelite (LEO) and High-Altitude Platform System (HAPS) are eligible for rail scenarios. During the meeting, Dr. Ulrich Geier suggested the need to consider any atmospheric issue during the FSO deployment along the rail path. Later on, Goradz MARINIC offered the support to spread the AB4Rail workshop (a date should still defined) in the rail and EU communities. Next meeting is scheduled on 7th March 2022

Participants to the meeting: Alessandro Vizzarri, Radiolabs, Anna Maria Vegni, University of ROMA TRE, Franco Mazzenga, Radiolabs and University of Rome Tor Vergata, Romeo Giuliano, Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi (USGM), Crescenzo Malvone, Ulrich Geier, Komtron, Goradz Marinic, S2R, Mimoza Kastrati-Beqiri, Taferner Manfred, Jorgen Mattison