X2Rail and AB4Rail ongoing collaboration – meeting April 2022

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The ninth meeting between the X2Rail project consortium and the AB4Rail project partners was held on 4-th April 2022. Alessandro Vizzarri (Radiolabs) presented the advances on workstream 1, related to the WP2, and on the workstream 2, related to the WP3. Then, he described the procedure for the experimental assessment of the most promising Alternative Bearers (ABs), that is the Task 2.6 of the project.

Furthermore, he described how the analysis on application protocols is organized, which is the Task 3.5, while in the Task 3.6 security versions of HTTP and FTP will be considered.

Prof. Romeo Giuliano (Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi, USGM) presented the dissemination updates in terms of past events (focusing on results presented on the Aerial workshop held on 21st March 2022, with about 60 attendees) as well as the forthcoming events. The most important events are the submission of the full paper at TRA 2022, the FITCE special session and the 114th AEIT Annual Conference.


Next COLA  meeting is scheduled on 30th May 2022