Official Approval of the first AB4Rail deliverables

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The Ab4rail scientific team has just received the official approval of the first deliverables. The evolution of ERTMS towards a more efficient and competitive train management systems will depend on the available telecommunication infrastructure ACS/FRMCS. With a new set of bearers, the Adaptable Communication System (ACS) can select the best communication bearer(s) in an efficient and intelligent way according to the railway application requirements with significant performance improvement. Ab4Rail contributes to the research process through the following deliverables:

  • D.2.1 Technologies for ABs (Technologies for Alternative Bearers) whose objective is the overview of the state-of-art in the areas of alternative communication bearers (ABs), which are expected to be of interest for improving capabilities of the Adaptable Communication System (ACS). In the document a set of candidate communication technologies have been investigated as potential ones for railway applications.
  • D.3.1 Review of ACS, of existing transport protocols, application protocols, railway applications. The adaptable communication system has been designed to operate in accordance with the bearer independence principle. This is achieved using communication technologies that can be accessed at IP protocol level. In this deliverable we provide a review of the most important transport and application protocols on IP for ACS communications.
  • D.3.2 Analysis of IPv4/IPv6. The document details the main issues related to IPv4 and IPv6 interworking in ACS including: the additional packet processing for IPv4/IPv6 conversion and the effects of IP address conversion on the Session Initiation Protocol SIP protocol. One solution for implementing IPv4/IPv6 interworking in the ACS context has been presented.

For more information please download the deliverable in the specific page of the website.